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Icon Obsession

Lavinya Creates

Lavinya Creates ~ Icon Obsession
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Icons and anything else you could want!
Icon Obsession is for all of you as obsessed with icons and other graphics as I am!

No hotlinking! I will eat your soul!
I don't demand credit, though it is nice, and if you choose to, please credit the community.
Comments are a must!
Please be pleasant and polite and respectful, or I will also eat your soul.
If you have more than three icons, please hide them behind a cut. Think of your dial-up suffering friends.
Please don't harass people for requests, I or someone will get to you when we can!
Bribes for the maintainers are always welcome! ;)

Spiffy new info page to come. This is a brand new community. If you wish to be affiliated, please let me know!

Please promote the community! Place one of the promotional buttons in your user info, using the code below:
Lavinya_Creates - Icon Addiction

Lavinya Creates - Icon Addiction

Lavinya Creates - Icon Addiction

Come and Join the Fun! Eternal Creations

Layout credit to lilbreck at nameless_layout